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Won Kwang Sa Location and History



Won Kwang Sa temple is located in heart of the Carpathian Basin, Europe, Hungary.
The Carpathian Mountains encircle the fertile plains of the River Danube and the River Tisza. Winds are milder, and the climate is generally more temperate. Nowhere else in Europe can we see such a large area almost completely protected by tall and strong mountains.


The temple valley is surrounded by national preservation area from East, West and South, and a rim of forest from the north. Far enough from cities, there is no urban or traffic noise, no throughways.
Won Kwang Sa is accessible by car, but also by bicycle or on foot.
There are two marked tourist paths leading from Esztergom, the nearby city, through lush old-growth forests to the temple.There are several lakes in the temple area, all within 10-15 minute walking. The surrounding landscape offers quiet and healthy daily walks.


The entire Pilis Mountains were frequented by shamans and Christian monastics for centuries. This mountain is considered by many, including His Holiness the Dalai Lama to be the heart chakra of the Earth, a designation not lightly given to any mountains. Interestingly, the fortress Visegrád is in the Pilis too, having served as the stronghold for generations of royalty of Greater Hungary.
The seat of the Catholic Church, a large cathedral made as the 1:2 replica of Saint Peters in Rome, was built in Esztergom on top of an old shamanistic sacrificial and burial site.
Except for the perimeter, the mountain remains largely uninhabited, reserved mostly for national parks. This saves the original energy of the mountain and keeps it suitable for deeper spiritual practice.


Besides natural beauty and good geomancy of the temple area, Eszergom City has the largest cathedral in the Carpathian Basin, and more attractions like hot baths and museums.
Travel connections  are excellent, InterCity and EuroCity trains arrive and depart several times daily at Sturovo station (25 minutes by car from WKS), linking our temple directly to Bratislava, Prague, Vienna, Berlin, Warsaw and Kosice.
Trains from Budapest arrive at Esztergom station (15 minutes by car from WKS) and it takes about 90 minutes to get to the Ferihegy International Airport near Budapest.
The nearest highway, M1, is about an hour from our temple.




Why we should build a temple here



During the Buddhas time, Buddha always encouraged his disciples to go to places where his teaching had not spread before.
Our founding teacher, Zen Master Seung Sahn, was truly remarkable in putting Buddhas word into action in many places where the Dharma had not gone before.
After his passing into Nirvana, we want to continue his great vow, and offer the path of clarity, peace and help to all who wish to practice one-mind.
Europes mental foundations have been torn into dualities for the last 2000 years, and the wounds have shown in wars of unprecedented motivation, scale, and ferocity.
As we see suffering, we seek its end, and establishing our lives on different foundations gives us a chance to bring about a positive, meaningful and evolutionary change, which may prevent similar events to happen in the future.

Additionally, constructing a temple in Hungary for monastic training and retreats helps our tradition develop in Europe.
Won Kwang Sa Temple is now the only place of the Kwan Um School of Zen in Europe where students can enter a monastic training, as well as a place where there is continuous practice 3 times a day, long winter retreats, summer kido and regular short retreats over the year. Having such place greatly benefits our practice and allows us to help all beings.



Merit for donating to Bul Sa


"Everything is empty, so helping other people is possible. Nothing can hinder you.
At that point, your moment-to-moment job becomes clear: every one of your actions is truth, and it completely connects with the suffering of all beings.
"How can I help?"
"How can I help?"
This is our human job.
This is the truth. This is the complete way, the true way, the big way.
Compassionate action is not some idea or action.
It is universal substance itself." (Zen Master Seung Sahn)


The concept of merit is elusive and has many explanations.
What is evident, clear and irrefutable is the cause and effect relationship we have between us and the universe.
The universe will give you the necessary answer: all you need will appear in your life at the right place and right time, simply because you help construct a place which is designated for attaining Enlightenment and helping this world.
Your contribution is appreciated by humans and all beings in the higher realms, the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas rejoice to see another place where minds can attain liberation.



Won Kwang Sa History


2003 September           Search for land begins in the Pilis mountains

2004 September           Discovering the temple location

2005 February              Fundraising and land purchase begin

2005 July                      First 35,000 EUR raised for the temple construction

2006 Spring                  Residential life and building construction begin

2006 July                      Visit by Zen Master Dae Jin, Chong Shim SN and Hye Won SN

2006 October                First visit by Zen Master Soeng Hyang

2006 November            Beam Raising Ceremony with the Sudoksa Bang Jang Seol Jeong SN

2006/2007 winter          Construction of support building (kitchen, bathrooms, furnace room)

2007 July                      Buddhas Eye Opening Ceremony in the small Dharma Room

2007 May                      Construction of teaditional Zen Hall started

2007 Summer               First Summer Hwa Um Soeng Jung Kido

2007 Fall                       Support building operational

2008 December            Connection to the electrical power grid established

2008 December            Meditation weekend & New Years Eve Celebration

2008 Jan-April              First 90-day Winter Kyol Che at Won Kwang Sa

2008 April                      Choen Do Jae Ceremony

2008 Summer               Second Summer Hwa Um Soeng Jung Kido

2008 September           The Whole World Is a Single Flower 2008 participants visit WKS

2009 Jan-April              Second 90-day Winter Kyol Che

2009 April                      Sangha Weekend with nearly 100 participants

2009 Summer               100-day Kwan Seum Bosal Kido

2010 Winter                  Third 90-day Winter Kyol Che

2010 April                      First Sangha Weekend of the Kwan Um School of Zen Europe at WKS

2010 April                      Zen Hall Grand Opening Ceremony

2010 April                      Buddha Hall Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony

2010 Summer               100-day Kwan Seum Bosal Kido

2010 September           Autumn 49-day Kwan Seum Bosal Kido, including

2010 October                1-week Hwa Um Soeng Jung kido, meditation weekend

2010 November           Winter Kwan Seum Bosal Kido

2010 December            Meditation weekend & New Years Eve Celebration

2011 Jan-April              Fourth 90-day Winter Kyol Che

2011 Autumn                Projected beginning of traditinal residential building construction


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÷κ ָ ־ ϴ.

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αٿ 10-15 ɾ ִ ȣ ֽϴ.

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Źϸ ͽƼ νƼ κ ( 25)


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ٺ 2000 ̿ Խϴ.

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2003 September                     ʸ ƿ
2004 September                     
2005 February                       Ȱ
2005 July                              ó 35000
2006 Spring                           Ȱ
2006 July                              , û,
2006 October                         ù
2006 November                    
2006/2007 winter                  ξ, , ȭ μ ǹ
2007 July                               Ƚ
2007 May                             Ǽ
2007 Summer                        
2008 December                   
2008 December                    ְ ۳ Ͻ
2008 Jan-April                      ù 90 ܿ
2008 April                            õ
2008 Summer                        ° ȭ
2008 September 2008           ȭ ڵ
2009 Jan-April                        ° 90 ܿ
2009 April                              100 ° ָ
2009 Summer                       100
2010 Winter                         ° 90 ܿ
2010 April                            ù ° ָ
2010 April                          
2010 April                           ʽ
2010 Summer                      100
2010 September                   1 ȭ ָ
2010 November                   ܿ
2010 December                    ָ ۳
2011 Jan-April                     ° 90 ܿ
2011 Autumn                       ä Ǽ ȹ






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ûȽ 쵵 Ͻɰ ũ ū ħ ڽϴ.

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